Our toboggan run from Gries up to the Juifenalm is one of the longest toboggan runs. The ascent is quite long with one and a half to two hours, but beautiful, amid natural surroundings. In the surrounding area, you will find numerous other natural toboggan runs with different track lengths and difficulty levels. Tobogganers will love it here!



Toboggan runs in the Sellrain Valley:


Sellrain - Fotschertal: 3. 5 km, approx. 1-1. 5 hours, Refreshment possibility: Gasthaus Bergheim

Gries - Neder: 1,5 km, walking time approx. 30 min

Gries, Juifenau - Juifenalm: 5. 5 km, walking time approx. 1. 5-2 hours, refreshment: Juifenalm alpine pasture

St. Sigmund - Gleirschalm: particularly family-friendly, 1. 6 km, walking time 30-40 min., own ascent path, illuminated until 01:00 a.m.; possibility to stop for refreshments: Almgasthaus

Praxmar - Moos: 0. 7 km, walking time approx. 20 min., illuminated until 01:00 a.m.

Praxmar - Kogelhütte: 5 km, no stop for refreshments; prepared winter hiking trail which is popular amongst tobogganers