Have you ever eaten at friends?


Then you know how wonderful the feeling of hospitality and friendliness tastes. Renowned chefs treat you to excellent regional and seasonal food, made of fresh ingredients. Have you ever tried Kaspressknödel or Geselchtes? You cannot stay without trying these delicious specialities – their taste and aromas are too inviting. For drinks is accounted for by your host, Manfred Oberegelsbacher. He is a passionate sommelier and serves delicate specialities out of the hotel’s wine cellar. Manfred also offers wine tastings for enthusiasts and experts – and everyone that wants to become one.

Non-hotel guests


For guests that don’t spend the night in the hotel, we offer a varied menu.

Kitchen hours:


MON-TUE: 11:30 o'clock till 14:00 o'clock

17:00 o'clock till 20:30 o'clock

WED: Restaurant closed

Café open from 15:00 o'clock

THU-FRI: 11:30 o'clock till 14:00 o'clock

17:00 o'clock till 20:30 o'clock

SA-SO: 11:30 o'clock till 14:30 o'clock

17:00o'clock till 20:30 o'clock


Our café with cake and ice cream specialities is open daily from 10:00 a.m. (Wednesday from 3:00 p.m.).


We are also happy to organize your celebrations (birthdays, weddings, company celebrations, etc.) with us. 

Table reservations and event inquiries at +43 (0)5236 203 or