Sellraintal valley

The Sellraintal valley is a side valley of the Inntal valley in Tyrol. Surrounded by mighty mountains, Gries is enthroned in the Sellraintal valley at an altitude of almost 1.200 metres above sea level. The Sellraintal valley extends from the Stubai Alps from the Kühtaisattel saddle to Kematen and has its own side valleys. The longest is south of Gries, the Lüsenstal. The villages of Sellrain, Gries im Sellrain and St. Sigmund im Sellrain, belong to the main valley itself. The communities lie between about 1.000 meters and 1.500 meters above sea level.

You can access the Sellraintal by car via the Sellraintalstraße L 13, which runs from the motorway A12 at Zirl through the Sellraintal valley to Kühtai and continues via the Kühtaistraße L 237 through the Nedertal to Ötz, which lies in the Ötztal valley. The valley can also be easily reached by public transport: The Postbus line 4166 runs from Innsbruck via Völs to St. Sigmund/Haggen.