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Anyone who loves to bike will find his biking eldorado in the Sellrain valley! The Inntal cycle path through the Inntal valley is 150 kilometres long, and you can access it in Kematen or Unterperfuss. The route follows the river Inn, which flows from the far west of Tyrol to the far east. You can cycle against the current and visit the Tyrolean uplands, or follow the river to the state border in Kufstein. The latter version can be enjoyed without steep ascends – perfect for a family trip or older people.

If you want to go steeply up and fast down, we might have the right thing for you. You can take your mountain bike and cycle from Oberperfuss up to the Rosskogelhütte hut. The route is one of the most popular biking routes in the area. Alternatively, you can take the ski lift up, which saves you the 9 kilometres and 920 metres of altitude difference.

Here you’ll find a great variety of bike tours in the Sellrain valley and the surrounding region.


Tips for tours in the area


Tour for beginners


Guesthouse Bergheim Fotschertal valley

The leisurely path leads from Grinzens to Tanneben, on a forest path up to the Guesthouse Bergheim in the Fotschertal valley. If you’re not tired from the tour, you could hike up to the Fotscher Hütte hut.

  • Overall length: 13km
  • Difference in altitude: 356 metres
  • Duration: app. 1hr
  • Highest point: 1.437 metres above sea level (Guesthouse Bergheim)

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Tour for advanced cyclists


Neue Pforzheimer Hütte von St. Sigmund

Neue Pforzheimer Hütte pasture from St. Sigmund

Amidst the wildly romantic Gleirschtal valley leads a mountain bike trail from the parking lot near the church in St. Sigmund to the Neue Pforzheimer Hütte pasture. In winter, this route is a well-known sledging track. A forest path leads deep into the valley. The trail winds its way sometimes gently, sometimes steeper in serpentines up to the station of the material ropeway. From there, the last meters have to be conquered on foot. The trail crosses the Gleirschbach stream and leads up a beautiful, laid-out path to the Neue Pforzheimer Hütte pasture. Descend like ascended.

  • Overall length: 14,5 km
  • Difference in altitude: 794 metres
  • Duration: app. 03:00 hrs
  • Highest point: 2.308 metres above sea level

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Tour for experts



The starting point is Gries, from where you’ll bike into the Sellraintal valley. You’ll pass St. Sigmund and climb the steep road to Kühtai. From the highest point in Kühtai on 2.020 metres above sea level, you’ll find a fast and adrenaline-loaden descent to Ötz, which lies in the Ötztal valley. From there, you can take one of the regional busses either back to Kühtai and bike back down to Gries, or the hotel.

  • Overall length: 34,50 km
  • Difference in altitude: 1.112 metres
  • Duration: 04:00 hrs
  • Highest point: 2.020 metres above sea level

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